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Playing Card Stocks- Paper or Plastic?

There are two types of playing cards- Paper and Plastic, each available in several different varieties.

Paper Playing Cards

All of our paper playing cards are durable, uv plastic coated, and are available in several card weights and options.

Playing Card Stock is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter). Paper stocks are available in 280gsm, 300gsm and Casino Quality 310gsm and 330gsm. There are also two “core” options- White Core and Black Core. Standard cards are white core, meaning the layers the card stock is made up of are all white. Black Core card stock has a center layer of opaque black paper, laminated with white outer layers, making the cards opaque, even when held up to a light.

plastic cards


100% Plastic Playing Cards

For an even more durable, waterproof card, try plastic playing cards.

Our plastic card card stock is completely comparable, in both material and quality, to KEM cards. Plastic playing cards can last a lifetime!

Packaging Options

Decks come standard cello wrapped, but there are several additional options available:

white window card tuckbox

White Window Tuckboxes
(Single and Double Deck available)

White window tuckboxes are white cardboard boxes, in the style of standardplaying card boxes, with a window cut out of one side, showing the center 70% of the card back. White window tuckboxes are available with any deck quantities.

Clear Plastic Gift Case

Clear Plastic Gel Cases

Gel cases are clear plastic hinged boxes, which show both the card back and the face of the bottom card in the deck. Gel cases are a great option and much more durable than white window tuckboxes. Available in all order quantities.

hard clear plastic gift cases

Hard Clear Plastic Playing Card Gift Cases

Hard Clear Plastic Gift Cases are our most durable packaging. They are a clear, rigid, heavy duty two part box (a base and a removable lid). Add a more stylish finish with Hard Clear Plastic Cases! Available in all order quantities.

custom printed tuckbox

Custom Printed Tuckboxes

Similar in style to white window tuckboxes without the window, printed with your art! Add a professional, finished look to your deck with custom printed tuckboxes!

custom printed two part box

Custom Printed Two Part Boxes

Custom Printed Two Part Playing Card Boxes are a heavy duty box (a base and a lid) printed with your art. Perfect for a durable, professional look!

custom sized card box

Custom Sized Card Boxes

We can produce any size, shape or design to your specs… Whether you need a boxto hold a 78 card deck, or to hold a standard 54 card oversized deck, we canproduce it for you.

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